Agate Bridge and Puerco Pueblo

It seems all too obvious to me that such an ancient artifact as the Agate Bridge should be protected and cherished — and that includes NOT standing or walking on it! But I suppose we all need to learn so that we can do better in the future. You may notice the slab of concrete that’s now supporting the petrified log. Before arriving at the Agate Bridge, we stopped (all too briefly) at the site of Puerco Pueblo, a one-time village beside the Puerco River of up to 200 people that was thriving during the 14th century. The more details I read about places like this in the Petrified Forest National Park, the more I long to go back and spend a few days exploring all its treasures.

Tourists enjoying the bridge from a distance, taking a family photo

Looking toward Puerco Pueblo

Red valley


Gazing into history

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