Spring will come!

of; there are neighbors nearby who have been without power for nearly seven days now, thanks to broken power poles still waiting to be repaired. Thus far (knock wood) we’ve only lost power one time, for a few hours in the middle of the night. Our county parks are temporarily closed due to the high river levels and storm damage. And please spare a thought for the Big Guy, who caught a head cold on the trip back from Texas. He’s been mostly stuck indoors since then because of the weather; so now a serious case of cabin fever has been added to the fact that every time he starts feeling better and goes out for some exercise, his cold symptoms come roaring back. These photos were shot between March and May 2016.

Twining snake lily, California native

Ant on Snowdrop bush

Canada goose on the bike trail along Lake Natoma

Elegant clarkia at Black Miners Bar

Snowberry Creek Pond

California native known as Canyon dudleya or Live Forever

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