The Adventure Continues… Santa Cruz

The area around Santa Cruz has seen plenty of changes over the decades, and the latest bit of change means saying goodbye to the beloved pier at Seacliff State Beach (seen in the photo above). It’s due to be demolished any day now because of heavy storm damage that occurred earlier this year. Although it appears only briefly in this Classic episode of California’s Gold (originally aired in May 1991), the pier has been just as iconic of Santa Cruz as the Boardwalk and the local surfing scene.

Huell discovers the colorful history of the Beach Boardwalk, the last remaining oceanside amusement park in the West Coast; he meets the pioneers of surfing and the inventor of the wet suit; and enjoys salt water taffy and other sweet treats at Marini’s, a family-run business for over four generations.

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)