The Adventure Continues… Some very fine ladies

I was having a tough time choosing which of Huell Howser’s many episodes to feature today when I suddenly realized that March 8 is International Women’s Day. So I decided to observe the occasion by doing something a bit different for my post today: instead of just one, I’m highlighting a handful of episodes of Visiting which all celebrate some very fine ladies in their respective communities. Today’s five episodes (with their airing dates) are titled Persimmon Lady (early 1997); The Rose Lady (Fall 1997); 100 Year Old Lady (early 1998); Harley Girls (May 1998); and Turtle Lady (late 1999 or early 2000). Perhaps none of these women are famous or wealthy, but they are all, as Huell himself might have said, unique and beautiful examples of California’s finest gold. Happy International Women’s Day, everyone!

(Click on each of the linked images below to see the videos.)

Meet Esther DeBar, who is 88 years old and the proud owner of a 90 year old persimmon tree which grows in the back yard of her L.A. home.

Huell spends the day with Miriam, a.k.a. “The Rose Lady”. For thirteen years she has picked a beautiful bunch of roses and taken them to her local post office. Her roses are exquisite and the people love her daily visits.

Huell sits a spell with 100 year-old Joyce Cockrell, a former dress designer and musician. She speaks her mind, tickles the keys, and touches her toes all to the amusement of her two friendly neighbors.

Put on your leather jacket and strap on your helmet for a two-wheeled adventure that’s sure to get your heart racing. Huell goes for a weekend ride with the “Harley Girls” and their Harley Davidson motorcycles. Huell and the ladies take a spin and stop for lunch where Huell meets some other interesting weekend rebels.

Since she was a child, Jeanie Vaughan has loved turtles. Huell tours Jennie’s home in Santa Barbara, which she has turned into a sanctuary for these intriguing creatures. With a collection of 300 turtles–many adopted or rescued–there is a lot to learn from the Turtle Lady.