About the birds

Osprey, Rodman Slough

Each spring when I visit Clear Lake I normally can’t wait to head out to Rodman Slough Park for a look at the ospreys there. This year, for a change, I decided I’d focus less on ospreys in favor of other stuff. Yet somehow this year I ended up with more osprey photos than ever before. I’m still not quite sure how that happened, but hey, I’m not complaining! All that being said, I still managed to shoot a few other cool birds, including a red-winged blackbird — a bird which I usually have to go searching for, and this one appeared nearly on my doorstep.

Western grebe

Female Brewer’s Blackbird, Nice

Male Brewer’s blackbird

Red-winged blackbird, Nice

Osprey pair, Clear Lake State Park

Clear Lake State Park

Perched in a tree, Rodman Slough

Male Bufflehead, Rodman Slough