Indigenous California

Tribal Office mural on Main Street, Upper Lake

Since I’ve been playing around with photography for a few years now, I can look back over my collection of images and notice certain patterns. It’s quickly obvious that my main interests are landscapes and macro shots in nature; but I also enjoy shooting fine art — whether in a museum or on the side of a building. Or even inside someone’s house. I’ve periodically shared some of the images of paintings and sculptures in my files, but at this rate I’ll never get through them all! So I decided to make Fridays the day for fine art images, and I hope you’ll enjoy seeing more of this collection. Many art pieces are priceless originals spotted at the deYoung or Crocker museums; but others are wall or house decor that appealed to me for some reason. Today my images include a mural and sculpture in Upper Lake, California (at the north end of Clear Lake) and a couple of paintings found in the Grace Hudson Museum in Ukiah.

Tribal Office mural detail