Memory Monday: In the forest

Spending the past week up in the mountains of Lassen County got me remembering some long-ago camping trips to similar spots a bit further south, near Frenchman Reservoir in Plumas County, back in the 1980s. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find any photos from those trips, so instead I went digging into my photo album and found these prints, from a day trip to Wrights Lake in the spring of 1987. I may have shared at least some of them before, but it’s been awhile (like 2017), so I re-scanned them for another look.

Wrights Lake is located in the El Dorado National Forest, about an hours’ drive from South Lake Tahoe along Highway 50. We had come from the opposite direction, traveling for nearly two hours in my VW Beetle with our two dogs, Phoebe and Zack, a German Shepherd. They were eager to get out of the car and explore — especially Zack, who was still a puppy.