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Memory Monday: Hicks Album, Week 17

Although our photographer certainly enjoyed outings to places like the Gold Country, the San Joaquin Delta, and Gladding McBean in Lincoln, it’s very clear she also spent plenty of time tending to her beautiful home garden. As a person who has never been bitten by the gardening bug (although every other sort of bug seems to zero in on me), […]

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Trophy dogs

Here are a few more of my images from Doggy Day at Denio’s in late April. Nothing will convince me that these dogs do not take this event very seriously — well, most of them, that is! Why else would they be so eager to get a look at their winning trophies, and making sure their beloved masters don’t wind […]

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The riches of spring

After having spent the majority of the morning going through my recent images of spring wildflowers, trying to firmly identify each of them, I can tell you without a doubt that I would have never amounted to anything as a botanist. I’ve been using three books and two computer apps, and I’m still not completely sure I’ve got all of […]

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