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Memory Monday, Week 151

I’ve previously shared photos of the area around Leavenworth, Washington, where my mom spent part of her childhood. I’ve been able to visit a few times, and my parents also returned a few times on their own. My images this week (except for the photo above) were all shot during a trip the two of them took in September 1985.

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March memories

It’s been an interesting spring, and I’ve been shooting a lot of pictures. So sometimes it’s nice to go back a bit and share some of the images that I may have overlooked the first time around. Even the ones that aren’t so great have good memories attached to them. I shot these photos with my 600mm lens at Clear […]

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Photo artist

I’ve played around with this fun photo editing website a few times now since I first discovered it in January this year, and I do like some of the finished products. But I’ve also realized a couple of things. I can’t help wishing there were more options. Although there are nearly 40 different cool effects to choose from, after using […]

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