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I’m lichen it

I didn’t hike terribly far the other day when we went out to the south fork of the American River near Salmon Falls. I didn’t even get down to the water; but it was such a beautiful spring-like day and there were so many great things to look at that it was impossible to get bored. And I’m always irresistibly drawn to the intricate shapes of the lichen and moss — this time of year, they seem to be all over the rocks and boulders and covering many of the bushes and trees. Macro photography opportunies are everywhere!

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Memory Monday: A different chapter

What do you do after you’ve run through pretty much all of your own family photos and there seems to be nothing left to share? Well, you might start sharing the lost or discarded photos of strangers! Part of my motivation for this project comes from discovering the Museum of Lost Memories on Instagram. I may never find any photos […]

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More Mendocino

This morning I realized that creating posts on my phone while away from my computer lately has led me to accidentally use the same photos more than once since Christmas. I guess my remark yesterday about still having images to share is really true — especially if I reuse the same ones over and over! So even though it’s taken […]

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Seaside in September

Cook's Beach

I haven’t been doing any hiking lately — something which I really need to remedy before long! — but happily I’m still working my way through photos shot over the past four or five months. That includes these images from southern Mendocino County. We stopped only briefly to check out the Cook’s Beach spot, which is located between Gualala and […]

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Around the lake

When we fly from California to Texas for the holidays, I always leave my larger cameras and lenses at home and rely instead on my compact Fujifilm Finepix AX and phone camera. So I do miss out on the occasional wildlife shot as I’m strolling around the man-made lake near my in-laws’ house — although sometimes if I’m paying close […]

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Sportsman’s paradise

You may recall that in previous years I’ve posted photos showing the inside of the Cabela’s store in Fort Worth, Texas, as seen during my late December visits. It’s really impossible to overstate how seriously the folks in Texas feel about fishing and football; and since the Big Guy isn’t into football, we usually end up visiting the giant Cabela’s […]

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