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Family memories

On this Easter Sunday, I planned to dig into my archives and share a few vintage images of my sisters and I posing with the spoils of our morning Easter Egg hunt — like this one: But of course, I waited until the last minute to start looking for the photo files. I’m certain I have them tucked away safely […]

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I’ve noticed more Red-winged blackbirds this spring than in any other year; I’m not sure if that means there are more of them around or if I’ve just been lucky. I do find it funny that I drove three hours to Lake County hoping to see a few around Clear Lake — only to come home and spot a larger […]

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California quail

I normally have a very difficult time getting close enough to photograph the local quail; they’re extremely shy and are usually fleeing long before I even notice their presence. Many times when I do manage to shoot them, they’re hiding in the bushes so I don’t exactly have a clear view. It’s all rather frustrating to me — mostly because […]

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