Rainbow Bridge repairs and a fallen tree

There may be a few extra traffic headaches for commuters this week since the old Rainbow Bridge — opened in 1917 — has been closed all week for resurfacing.


I’m lucky enough not to have a commute, but I definitely noticed a difference during my Wednesday morning hike through Negro Bar (which parallels one of the bridge’s main feeders, Greenback Lane), across the Lake Natoma Crossing, through the historic part of Folsom and back.  It was amazingly peaceful crossing the old truss bridge with no rushing traffic off to my left.


My own “traffic” issue was much less stressful.  Halfway along a small trail I haven’t visited since sometime last fall, I found this:


It took a few minutes of examining my options, but I was finally able to clamber over it, avoiding the abundant poison oak in the area.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes before this tree is cleared up, given that this trail doesn’t get an awful lot of use.

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