Before and After

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance — Alan Watts

Today I’ve been digging around in my collection of old prints and negatives.  Since I’d never tried my new slide scanner on negatives yet, I was interested to see what sort of results I would get.  If nothing else, it’s giving me an interesting reminder of the many changes I’ve seen in the area over the past 30 years!

I remember when I first heard of the plan to build a new bridge across Lake Natoma — I was horrified!  All I could think (perhaps selfishly) was that it would ruin some of my favorite wooded spots along Negro Bar.  Practical considerations won out, of course, and the bridge construction was completed in 1999.

And yes, there were some very big changes, some of them tough for me to get used to. But these days, I’ve come to enjoy the new Lake Natoma Crossing, and I frequently hike over and around it — and now I enjoy photographing it from many different angles.


Negro Bar, August 1994


The same spot, June 2015


  1. I can appreciate your early concerns… and I know that what is lost in a situation like that is very difficult to restore. But it does look like the bridge is attractive and is conducive to beautifying the area. I like your two images and to see the comparison. On another note… I would be interested in how you like your scanner… I am in the market for one and I read pros and cons about all of them and I have no idea which way to turn.


    • Aside from the fact I’m finally able to view the slides and get them on my hard drive, I’m not sure I could recommend this scanner — unless you’re really unable to afford something better!

      It has developed some “marks” (not sure of the right term) that show up on my images & need to be edited out.

      I did shop around before buying, but I was impatient to get started so went for the cheap option. Maybe I will look around some more & find a better scanner — if I do I’ll let you know! 😃

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