Mexico Monday #15


Even when my dad wasn’t spending summers traveling in Mexico with Frank Gonzales, he still found opportunities to travel and meet new people.  These photos were taken on his trips to Baja California with Vacation Samaritan.  The Vacation Samaritans were groups of mostly young people who voluntarily traveled from their churches to work sites in Mexico. They would help build church buildings, dig wells, or, as in the images below, build a bridge over a stream.

All of the photos this week were taken in an area called San Antonio de las Minas.  This is a borough in the Municipality of Ensenada.  Nowadays if you Google “San Antonio de las Minas,” you’ll find it’s become quite popular as a wine-growing region.  It was much less developed back in the mid 1970s when my dad was spending time there.


My dad is on the right here, dressed in blue




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