Houses and Barns

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge for this week is Houses and/or Barns.

This week the topic is Houses and/or Barns.  This week I want to see houses of all sorts anything from from a small shack to apartments to mansions.  I also am curious where we keep our pets and animals so barns, chicken house, and dog houses are allowed as well.

A couple of houses in Folsom’s Historic district:


A barn near Snipes Ravine, Orangevale:


The next two images are from my old photo albums; first, the Point Loma lighthouse in San Diego, circa early 1980s:


And finally, a view from the driveway of the house I grew up in.  This picture was taken sometime in the early 1970s (or maybe it was late 1960s?).  It shows the view off to the north of our house, and while my main focus was my mom’s beloved lilac bush, in the background on the right you can see an old broken-down barn which I’m sure was there long before we built our house (as well as our neighbor’s chicken coop on the left).  The barn was eventually torn down and a few houses built in that area — but this is a view I remember with great fondness.



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