The Adventure Continues… Neptune Pool


It’s beautiful in photos and on film, and even more breathtaking in person. The Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle is unique and beautiful; and if you ever get a chance to visit the site, especially on a warm day, you may feel tempted to test the waters for yourself! Of course, that’s strictly forbidden — unless you happen to be Huell Howser!

Huell gets a behind the scenes tour and takes the “swim of a lifetime” in the Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle, which is arguably one of the most spectacular pools in the world and the highlight of any tour. It is fed by mountain water and is surrounded by ancient Roman style columns and statues. Designed by architect Julia Morgan, the Neptune Pool was started in 1924 and was finally completed after several redesigns and re-buildings in 1936.

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)


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