Memory Monday, Week 21


The last half of slide wheel number 6 took me back in time, from the mid 1970s straight to 1962, when I went camping with my family at Patrick’s Point State Park, on California’s far north coast. I was only about a year old on this trip; we did return there when I was a bit older, and I have strong memories of my dad carrying me on his shoulders as we all hiked the trails in the coastal forest to the sandy beach.


Posing at Patrick’s Point


“The beach is back this way!”


Just for fun, I thought I throw in a couple of photos taken at home that same year. I love these because they remind me how our old house (where my mom still lives) used to look. And I’m always happy to see pictures of myself with Grandma, who passed away when I was 10 years old.

Finally this week, I have to share the infamous double exposure that transformed me into twins. I mean, I actually AM a Gemini, and I’ve often wished I had a clone to help with my chores, but this was only some accidental trick photography. Oh well!



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