The Adventure Continues… San Luis Obispo Train


Engine No. 13, California State Railroad Museum

I can’t believe this is my very first time watching this episode of California’s Gold! It’s absolutely packed with beautiful scenery as well as history — of the railroad, of the Chinese who helped build it, and even a bit of musical history.  The central coast of California has some stunning scenery, and I haven’t seen nearly enough of it. One of these days I’ve got to ride Amtrak’s Coast Starlight down along this stretch. It may not be as good as the old steam train, but it will have to do!


Join Huell in the centennial celebration of the arrival of the first steam train to this isolated mid-coastal town. As part of the celebrations, the town’s citizens have recreated the events exactly as they happened a century before. Huell passes through the historic tunnels and tressels in a period steam engine as he descends into this festive town.

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)

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