Montgomery and Green


When I was in San Francisco last week, one of the things I decided I had to see was a fairly nondescript intersection in North Beach. Maybe the reason was a little bit nutty — the TV show Monk (2002-2009). Of course, even though the series was set in San Francisco, very little of the actual filming took place there. Still, I’d read online that the intersection of Montgomery and Green appeared in the very first episode (and at the start of each episode during the theme music). Since it wasn’t all that far from Coit Tower, I figured why not check it out?


Now, I was at the location during the daytime — about 1 PM — and the TV show sequence was shot at night. I’ll admit also a bit dubious the scene was actually filmed here; but even so I spent quite awhile trying, in between the sporadic traffic, to find the right angle to shoot something that was reasonably close to what I saw on TV. I’m not sure I succeeded, but what do you think?

Monk still 2


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