The Adventure Continues… Cape Mendocino Lighthouse


Half the fun of this episode of California’s Gold is the mini road trips between stops, as Huell searches along the beautiful Lost Coast for the historic Cape Mendocino Lighthouse. He briefly revisits the small town of Petrolia, which you might remember from the episode I featured last week, California Firsts. He also discovers Honeydew, California, and is introduced to some very nice people and a couple of shy border collies.

Join Huell as he travels to the western-most point in California in search of the Cape Mendocino Lighthouse which was activated in 1868 and finally abandoned in the 1970’s. After over 20 years of neglect a group of locals banded together to move the light house to Shelter Cove and restore the lighthouse to its former glory. Huell also stops at the entrance to the Humboldt County Fairgrounds where a full-sized replica of the lighthouse actually houses the original fresnel lens.

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)

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