The Adventure Continues… Sturgeon’s Mill


Steam donkey with clearcut forest in the background

If you’d like to see Huell at his most excited, here’s your chance! This episode of California’s Gold highlights another place I would love to experience for myself — especially since it’s located not far from our Northern California coast fishing spots; it’s just up the (very winding) road from Fort Ross. The drawback is that the lumbermill only operates a few weekends a year, so it’s a very special occasion when it does. I’m also very happy to note that the redwood trees used in demonstrating their operation have all been donated rather than logged, as is explained in the video.

Huell visits a lumbermill… or is it a working museum? Join Huell, the founder’s great-grandson, and a cast of characters at this historic place.

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)

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