Bike trail, abandoned


September 2015

I took another hike through the rock slide area on the bike trail today — I really do try to stay away, but there’s something really fascinating in the destruction. After more than a year, there is still no definite date for the trail to reopen; progress seems bogged down by environmental reviews, safety considerations, financial responsibility and other bureaucratic stuff. I hope the trail can be repaired and made safe for use while still preserving the special quality of the bluffs along this stretch of Lake Natoma.

I wanted to take a look at some pictures I took when the bike trail was still open and in use, comparing them to what the same area looks like today.



The former bike trail is now littered with boulders the size of small cars as well as randomly placed concrete blocks — these were originally lined up along the side of the bike trail to help stabilize the cliff base.





June 2016


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