Repairs to Hinkle Creek at Negro Bar

Trail damage, November 2016

I posted about this creek back in late 2016; at the time I had searched in vain trying to identify its name and finally dubbed it “Unnamed Creek.” Now I’ve discovered this is part of the same creek that flows along the Hinkle Creek Trail.

Hinkle Creek repairs

Hinkle Creek Culvert – Contractors are in the process of repairing a culvert that washed out from storm water three years ago in the Negro Bar Unit of the State Park. The culvert allowed the creek to flow under a road, which later served as a paved multi-use trail. Creek water is being diverted during construction — from Friends of Lakes Folsom & Natoma (FOLFAN) September 2018 newsletter

I’m glad they’re finally getting this trail damage repaired; hopefully it’s a sign of more trail repairs in the future — namely the big slide area below the bluffs.

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