The Adventure Continues… McCloud


“Spring lupine highlight Mt. Shasta (14,162 ft), a dormant volcano in Northern California”

We’ve had a number of devastating wildfires in California over the past few months, and most recently two fires burning in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest caused the week-long closure of Interstate 5. I have to admit I’ve never spent much time exploring this beautiful portion of Northern California — although I’ve traveled through and collected some colorful post cards! Huell visited the Shasta area a few different times, so I thought I’d start with this episode of California’s Gold, helps remind me that Northern California contains so much more than just scenic views of Mount Shasta and fishing at Shasta Lake!


“Nestled among the rugged mountains of Northern California, Lake Shasta is one of California’s most popular recreational areas”

Huell visits the historic lumber and railroad town of McCloud, located at the foot of Mt. Shasta, California’s second highest mountain. Included in this adventure is a trip on the famous McCloud railroad, a visit to the local swimming hole located in a magnificent natural setting and a tour of the town and its quaint, old buildings.


(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)


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