Memory Monday, Week 87


This week was meant to be my last installment of Memory Monday — but I started digging around in my old photos and found a small stack of extra images I hadn’t yet shared. Other than this week’s bunch of Disneyland photos (most of which were shot by my mom), I can’t really group them by theme other than dogs, family, scenic, and/or a combination of those three elements. But more about that next week…

This week’s images are from a trip to Disneyland I took with my mom and dad sometime during the early 1980s, although I couldn’t tell you precisely what year. I do know that Tomorrowland has changed quite a bit in the past 30 years; many of the rides I remember from that era — Adventure Through Inner Space (or as I referred to it, “the ride where they shrink you”), Submarine Voyage, and my absolute favorite, the Circle-Vision auditorium — have been renovated out of existence. Of course, the iconic Matterhorn Bobsleds are still there!


It’s quite clear from these two images (which I shot) that Tomorrowland was very crowded



Looking down on the Submarine Voyage ride


Rocket Jets above and PeopleMover below

In Frontierland, my mom shot these photos of the Mark Twain riverboat. I’m pretty sure we didn’t take the cruise that day, but it sure looked like fun.


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