The Adventure Continues… Bufano Peace Statue


The Sonoma coast around Salt Point and Fort Ross is among the most beautiful places on earth


I was truly amazed when I came across this episode of California’s Golden Parks because I’ve seen the Peace Statue many times from afar and had no idea of its significance. I had always imagined it was merely part of the nearby Timber Cove Lodge. It turns out I wasn’t completely wrong, but there’s so much more to the story — and Huell is here to enlighten us about its fascinating history and the story of the man who created it.


There’s nothing quite as exciting as uncovering a hidden treasure. And that’s exactly what Huell does when he visits one of our smallest and least-known state parks.

Located on the rocky, windswept coast of Sonoma County in Northern California, this entire park is only 60 feet in circumference and goes over 100 feet in the air! It’s been mysteriously perched there since 1970 and leaves a visitor with more questions than answers. Join Huell as he learns about the Bufano Peace Statue.

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)

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