Stump Beach

I mentioned our visit to Stump Beach in my previous post; so here are a few images of the beach itself and the cove. Although it was obvious there had been people on the beach at some point, we had the place pretty much to ourselves, with only one or two people — including a Salt Point State Park ranger — passing through. Once we left the beach and hiked up along the cliffs to the south, I never saw another soul.

Steps leading down to the beach

The sign says Bluff Trail but officially it’s part of the Salt Point Trail, which begins a short distance south of Stump Beach Cove. North of the beach, the trail is neglected and overgrown, and we had to battle through high vegetation and fallen trees to the more open area along the bluffs. Staying on this trail will eventually lead you to Fisk Mill Cove about a mile away.

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