Robie Point Trail

Barrels form a buoy line in a nonexistent lake

It’s been about 30 years since I last hiked the Auburn end of the American River Canyon. There are so many trails shooting off in different directions, it’s easy to get disoriented if you’re not familiar with the area. Today we explored the Robie Point Fire Break trail, searching for river access and a good fishing spot for the Big Guy — although he wisely chose not to bring a fishing rod on this scouting trip. With some help from the trail markers, we did find the river. It was down hill all the way, and then uphill all the way back to the car. My Fitbit tells me I did 4 miles and 63 floors. Not a bad workout!

This area would all have been underwater today if the Auburn Dam had been built. That’s why we saw water markers near the trail (I meant to shoot them but forgot) and the line of old barrels which have apparently been hanging there long enough for the trees to grow around the rope.

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