Memory Monday slides redux, Week 24

1950s Odds and Ends — Just before I move on to a bunch of slides from the 1960s, I thought I would share a selection of slides that (for the most part) have left me with some unanswered questions. Maybe seeing them here will jog a memory or two in my family members — or not. Either way, I’ve enjoyed looking through them, and I hope you do, too.

I believe this is the state capitol building in Austin, Texas; most likely from 1951

This seems to be a P-51 Mustang flying over ocean surf

Crissy Field, San Francisco; unknown year

No clue about this one

Small cemetery; note the blue car just visible above the yellow posts at left

This is my Uncle Howard and Aunt Betty, possibly rowing a boat on a lake

Two zoo images, date and location unknown

Battle Rock State Park, near Port Orford, Oregon; I think this is from the 1956 trip up the coast

Labeled “Sonoma Beach State Park” — maybe from 1959

Same as previous image

“Trail at Armstrong Redwoods State Park”; this is north of Guerneville, California. Possibly from 1959

Armstrong Redwoods SP

Breakfast in the Redwoods, with 1957 Plymouth Belvedere. Not sure why my mom brought her General Electric Steam Iron (in the yellow/black box) camping!

Japanese Tea Garden, San Francisco

Japanese Tea Garden

And finally, a couple of images of a cat I never knew but have often heard about — his name was Bent Tail, a name he earned as a kitten after the unfortunate experience of having a heavy wooden garage door close on his tail. These two pictures were taken in 1959.

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