The Adventure Continues… Railroad Museum

Just like Huell mentions at the start of this 2003 episode of Visiting, I’ve been to the Orange Empire Railway Museum too, “years and years ago.” My visit was back in June 1982; but even then this museum — now known as the Southern California Railway Museum — in Perris, California, was well established. It was started in 1958 and thanks to the work of its volunteers grew to become the largest railroad museum in the west. My chief memory from my trip was a ride on a big interurban trolley which had briefly appeared in a scene from the movie Singing in the Rain. Huell clearly had a blast (no pun intended) during his tour. In fact, this episode looked like so much fun that now I’m ready to go back for another visit!

The Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris is the largest operating railway museum in the Western United States and the third largest in the country. Join Huell as he visits for the annual Autumn Rails Celebration.

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)

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