Butterfly heaven

Echo Azure

My hike yesterday took me through some truly lovely countryside, along the base of foothills near Highway 49 and later skirting the banks of the South Fork of the American River. I had so many things to look at — but near the river I kept encountering butterflies of more variety than I’m used to seeing. They can be very challenging to shoot, as they flutter all over the place and don’t tend to sit still for very long! And even though I missed a few — like that huge orange and black butterfly that seemed to glide past me and vanish into the trees — I’m pleased to say I captured some varieties I had never seen before. Now I’m eager to go back and spend more time just hunting butterflies! I’m not sure how accurate I’ve been at identifying them, and any corrections are gratefully accepted.


Mylitta Crescent (?)

Western Sulfur

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