Riding dinosaurs

One of the cool things for kids (of all ages) at the Dave Moore Nature Area trail is hunting for toy dinosaurs along the one-mile loop. If you find one of these critters, you’re encouraged to relocate it for someone else to discover. On my first visit, I enjoyed exploring the trail but didn’t notice any dinosaurs. This time I had more luck.

Not only did I spot a number of small plastic dinosaurs, but the rocks and underbrush were also full of their real-life relatives.

Western Fence Lizard (Bluebelly)

If you decide to head out to explore this trail, it’s probably best to go early in the day (the gate opens at 8 AM) to avoid the family groups taking advantage of this beautiful and historic hiking trail along the South Fork of the American River. I will admit that one of the online reviews had me briefly stunned — and a little bit jealous.

“Such a great place to bring the kiddos, they loved finding and riding the dinosaurs on the trail! also a great place to walk a dog!”

I’m pretty sure she meant “hiding the dinosaurs.” But I have to say I’m seriously tempted to go back now, just in case I missed the really big ones.

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