Bunny flashback

In the blackberry patch

Back in June 2015, I did a lot of early morning hiking around Negro Bar with a small, cheap Cobra Digital camera that ran on two AAA batteries. At the time, 8 megapixels seemed like a lot, and even though the colors came out looking a little odd, and the picture quality was somewhat grainy, it was lightweight and easy to carry, so I made the best of it until I was able to buy a better camera.

One morning, in an overgrown area between the campground and the Natoma Crossing bridge, I came across a couple of bunnies apparently living in the wild. They looked a bit like Dutch rabbits, so I wondered if they were somebody’s pets that had run away or were abandoned. I worried about them getting enough to eat or becoming food for the local predators. But they were so shy of me I could barely get close enough to shot a few photos. In fact, I only managed to photograph one of them since the other was always hiding in the berry bushes just out of range.

The pictures aren’t great, but that was partly because of my camera and partly because I was stalking in a crouched position, trying to get near enough to the rabbit while avoiding blackberry thorns and the wildly abundant poison oak! After a few months, the two rabbits seemed to disappear and I’ve never learned what happened to them. I hope they were captured and taken away to a safe home.

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