The Adventure Continues… Pear Fair

I’ve never felt much enthusiasm for pears, but after watching this episode of California’s Gold I may have to give them another try. Unfortunately, this year’s Pear Fair was cancelled; but the date for next year’s event is already set. I also like knowing that such great produce (my favorite is Delta asparagus!) is being grown so close to where I live, and knowing that our local growers understand they have a good product and refuse to treat the pears with unnecessary chemicals.

Huell travels to the Sacramento Delta to learn about California pears. We’ll start our adventure with a family who has been farming in the Delta for five generations. The soil and climate have made the Delta a perfect place to grow agriculture since the Gold Rush. Huell ends up at the 26th annual Pear Fair in Courtland. Everything from pear ice cream to pear vinegar, it’s a whole festival devoted to the Delta pear.

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)

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