Camp Haswell and changing with the times

Well, I tried out WordPress’ new block editor this past week, and I can’t say I enjoyed the experience. I try to be open minded about change; sometimes I love new stuff right away, and other times I’m fine with it after a period of adjustment. Maybe this is a case of the latter, but I spent way too much time feeling frustrated and even dreaded sitting down to create each new blog post this week. So it’s back to the Classic Editor for me, thanks to a plugin that disables Gutenberg. I wonder how many other WP bloggers feel as I do; hopefully it’s enough to keep the Classic Editor plugin available for a long time to come!

As I drove home from Clear Lake along Highway 16 last week, my eye was caught by this old building and I just had to pull over to investigate. It turned out to be the site of an old Boy Scout camp. The stone structure, apparently now condemned, was built by the Work Progress Administration (WPA) and donated to the Boy Scouts in August 1931.

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