On the wing

These may not be the greatest Canada goose photos I’ve ever shot, but I can’t help liking them. Yesterday morning I went out to Folsom Lake with the Big Guy. It was still relatively cool at at 10 o’clock, and I was sitting on a rock gazing at what’s left of New York Creek, which currently looks like this:

A sad sight

Suddenly, above and behind me I could hear the honking of a flock of Canada geese. I wasn’t prepared to jump to my feet and turn with my camera perfectly focused, so instead I held my mobile phone over my head and blindly snapped a couple of pictures with my thumb. I certainly didn’t expect them to look very good, but to my surprise they didn’t even really need to be edited! They’re not perfect, of course — but I suspect that I couldn’t have taken a better photo of these particular geese if I had seriously tried.

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