Mexico Monday Redux, Week 21

Axochiapan and Mexico City — In last week’s post I mentioned the small town of Axochiapan, and as promised I have some images my dad shot there when we visited in 1970. Axochiapan is about 2.5 hours south of Mexico City on today’s roads; but I’m not sure how long the trip actually took us in our VW camper, nicknamed “Tortuga de Dios” (God’s tortoise) because it made slow but — usually — steady progress around Mexico.

Mom with the local pastor

Dirt and cobbled street in Axochiapan

Kids gathered by our camper in Axochiapan

I’m standing with my mom on the left (both in orange) as we sing “coritos” to the kids

Back in Mexico City, we enjoyed a visit to the local mercado.

In front of the small church in Colonia Romero Rubio, Mexico City; that’s me on the right, petting the dog

Sharing a meal with Esther and Roberto, Romero Rubio

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