Memory Monday: Hicks Album, Week 11

About a month ago I shared the first bunch of images from the Hicks album (Week 6) featuring wildflowers shot in late April of 2010; I don’t know the precise location, but Solano County is a pretty good guess, given the landscape and the fact that Mount Diablo is visible in several shots. In that previous post, I mentioned that I hoped to go check out Jepson Prairie Preserve. Well, by coincidence I just happened to read in a blog post this morning that at least a portion of Jepson Prairie has already lost the spring bloom, most likely thanks to all the dry weather we’ve been having this spring. I suppose it’s still possible that we’ll get more rain (in fact, a light rain is falling here as I write) and the April-May bloom will explode. In the meantime, here are a few more images of the enthusiastic Goldfields (Lasthenia californica) and other vernal pool wildflowers and grasses from 2010.

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