Night and day

Clear Lake from our balcony, 7 PM Monday

I always enjoy the balcony views whenever we visit the Worldmark resort on the north shore of Clear Lake; but if I had known we would have such a great lake view this time, I would have brought along a tripod for more night photography. Also, it may have had something to do with spring break, but I saw a lot more teenagers fishing off the shore and the dock than I ever remember from past trips. I also have to say that, when I’m fumbling blindly with my camera settings in the dark, I may not get the results I’m expecting but I will definitely get something interesting.

Tuesday at noon

The dock alongside the pier was a popular fishing spot

From our balcony; dock fishing continued, even after 8 PM

The red and green lights were made by glowing night bobbers on the fishing lines

The lights of Lakeport are visible on the distant shoreline

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