The Adventure Continues… Point Fermin Lighthouse Lens

Huell Howser visited quite a few historic California lighthouses throughout the years as he filmed one series or another. I’ve previously featured shows in which he explored the Point Sur Lighthouse, the Cape Mendocino Lighthouse, the St. George Reef Lighthouse, and even the tiny Battery Point Lighthouse up in Crescent City. And although he didn’t make it to every one of the state’s 29 currently active lighthouses — including Point Arena and the Point Cabrillo lighthouses, both in Mendocino County — Point Fermin is another one on the list of those he did see. This particular adventure featured in both his California’s Gold and his Visiting series. But this story is not just about a historic piece of a Southern California lighthouse; there are a few twists and turns along the way, some surprises and even a celebrity or two. It certainly is, as Huell said, a real treasure hunt!

There is a reason that those old lighthouses could send a beam of light for many miles out to see. Most lighthouses used a Fresnel lens, which looks like a beehive made of glass. These lenses are works of art and the one that graced the tower at Point Fermin Lighthouse is no exception. In this adventure, Huell learns the history of the lens, which was removed from Point Fermin and changed hands many times. This story has a happy ending, as the lens comes home Point Fermin once and for all.

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)

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