Neighborhood notes

I haven’t been getting out and about very much lately, but of course sometimes you don’t need to go very far to spot something that inspires the imagination — especially at this rather “spooky” time of year. My neighbor’s beautiful roses are a perfect example. I nearly didn’t bother trying to shoot them with my phone camera because it was midday and the sun was very bright, but now I’m glad I gave it a go. These delicate pink blooms are only a small sample of the gorgeous roses in her garden.

Another neighbor has been renovating his front yard — perhaps planning to replace his lawn with some xeriscaping? I’m sure that the finished product will be more attractive than a simple dirt landscape, but I found myself strangely drawn to this temporary pile of rocks and boulders. Something about the shape of it and the variety of colors almost made me wish this was meant to be a permanent feature.

This time of year, I’m not a bit surprised to see Halloween decorations in many of the neighborhood yards. But the decoration on this street light pole caught me by surprise. While I don’t know if the county would approve, it made me smile.

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