Walking Port Road

I’m always fascinated by the terrain around this part of the Northern California coast. High, rounded ridges seem to embrace the town of Point Arena; and Port Road, while only a little over a mile long from Main Street to the Fishing Pier, offers a perfect sampler of the variety of the landscape.

As I was standing near the pier beside a lone picnic table, looking down at the small beach, I noticed something in the concrete under my feet. Behind me was a line of parked cars and there wasn’t much room to maneuver myself and read what I was seeing. I wonder about the people, probably kids, who traced their names into the wet concrete. Do they still live in town or have they moved on? Maybe they still come down here and admire their handiwork. I kind of hope they do. (Click to enlarge)

The last time I saw this boat it was in the water off the pier

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