Exploring Main Street

The first time I explored downtown Point Arena was in September 2021. I recall that day I walked only a short way along the Shoreline Highway (AKA Highway 1) which makes up the town’s main street because the day was chilly and gray, and the cold wind was gusting right in my face as I headed down the hill. Still, I enjoyed checking out the old houses, the storefronts, and the small details that make Point Arena unique.

Arriving from the south, 11/2020

The old fire station, 9/2021

When I returned this past November, I got another chance to explore Main Street. Again, the weather was cool, but this time the sun was shining, making the place even more inviting. I must admit I now wish I’d allowed myself more time and shot more pictures, but other than that I have no regrets. You may notice the blue and white library sign in the background of the image above; on the latest trip, I ventured inside the library and wound up spending nearly an hour browsing through their used book sale!

A bit of sunshine and a friendly neighborhood library — no complaints here!

Discovering this small wooden fishing boat prominently displayed in the library instantly brought back a forgotten memory: on our very first visit to the Point Arena pier two years earlier I was fascinated by a plaque commemorating a historic, if little known, voyage in 1913. Fifteen Japanese men sailed for 59 days all the way across the ocean in a larger version of this model boat, hoping to start new lives in the U.S. Although they were received with kindness by the local tribe on their arrival, the men were eventually detained by authorities and taken back to Japan. The monument, gifted to the town of Point Arena by the city of Yawatahama, Japan, was erected beside the pier in 1996.

View of Highway 1 from the south end of town, 11/2022


    • Thanks for your comments, Lakshmi. Yes, it’s such an intriguing story! I had never known about it until just recently. I wish it was possible to learn more about what happened to all of them, although the article I linked to does give a little bit more information.

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