On the Dorn Nature Trail

One day during our stay in Nice last month, the Big Guy suggested that I drive around to the opposite side of Clear Lake and explore the trails at Clear Lake State Park. I’d been to the state park a few times in the past but only to launch the boat and go fishing. He was convinced that I’d find a lot of birds to photograph in and around Kelsey Slough, so I headed out to see for myself. At first I was unhappy to find the park full of people and very few wading birds — but once I chose to climb up above the fray on the Dorn Nature Trail, all my disappointment was forgotten.

The only person I met up on the hill

Seeing this plaque, I knew I was in the right place!


I did stumble into a small crowd — but on four legs, not two

Footbridge across Old Kelsey Creek, with Kono Tayee on the far shore

Bumblebee on Hound’s tongue flowers

Descent to the Dorn Bay swim area