The Adventure Continues…Gold Country

This episode is a “California’s Gold Classic,” and it’s one I’ve enjoyed quite a few times already.  Even so, in re-watching it today I learned that the Bidwell Bar Bridge, constructed in 1856, was the first suspension bridge built west of the Mississippi River!  It’s a great reminder that even though I live quite near the historic gold country there’s still a lot of amazing places and fascinating details I’ve never explored.

Come with Huell and pan for gold, sing pioneer songs and eat “bangers” at the annual Bidwell Bar Day celebration at Lake Oroville in Butte County. Also visit the pride of Sonora: “The Red Church,” a picturesque landmark in the center of town; and discover an unusual source of pride at the unique Annual Poison Oak show in Columbia, a restored gold mining town in Tuolumne County.

(Click on the linked image to see the video.)

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