West Coast Painted Rocks


I’ve posted before about finding painted rocks around my neighborhood and how I learned about Orangevale Rocks, which led me to the Kindness Rocks Project. Just the other day I happened to notice a beautifully painted rock in a new spot, and when I turned it over I found the hashtag “WCPR.” A quick Google led me to the West Coast Painted Rocks¬†Facebook page.

West Coast Painted Rocks is a group to encourage random acts of kindness, by sharing a little piece of artwork…¬†There are many rock-painting pages out there; but we want people to remember that the purpose of this group is the act of giving it away to others. Please remember that once hid the rocks are now public property intended for someone to find and do with as they please, be that rehiding or keeping.

I took pictures but left the rock where I found it; so maybe someone else will find and claim it. Hopefully it brightens their day just a little bit!

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