Memory Monday slides redux, Week 33

Pacific Southwest Airlines 727 at Gate 22 in Sacramento

I previously shared these images back in January 2018. The slides are all stamped May 1971, and as I mentioned in my earlier post it still fascinates me how much Sacramento’s airport has grown and changed over the past few decades. This must have been one of my first visits to the fairly new Sacramento Metropolitan Airport (as it was then called); I’m glad my dad took these pictures so I can clearly see the changes to the airport facilities!

In the photo above, my mom (center) was wearing a coat I still remember fondly; it was soft brown suede with a fur (or maybe fake fur) collar. I’m sure I’ve also mentioned before how very loud it could get when the jets moved away from the gate and prepared for take-off. It wouldn’t have been too bad in the image above, since the plane was still loading — although I did notice a worker on the left seems to have his hands over his ears!

The next group of slides (also stamped as processed in May 1971) are from a trip to the Northern California coast; last time I said they were taken around Fort Bragg, but I’m not completely sure of the locations. I wish I had been keeping a journal back in those days, but that didn’t start until a few years later.

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