Big lake

Looking south toward Mt. Konocti from Rodman Slough

Even though our recent trip to Clear Lake was only three days long, we experienced so many different kinds of weather it made for a very memorable time. The day we arrived was windy, with dark clouds threatening — not exactly ideal for a fishing trip.

Cold, gusty winds from the northwest at Clearlake Oaks, along Highway 20

It rained off and on all night, and we woke to yet more black clouds, with a few breaks in the weather giving me the chance to wander, briefly, along the lakeshore at Nice. But when the rain returned, I had to give up and retreat back inside; and I was so glad I did when I saw first sleet and then snow coming down.

Not the weather I was expecting…

A dusting of snow atop the Bartlett Mountains east of the lake

Hound’s tongue (Cynoglossum grande) at Rodman Slough

It wasn’t until the day before we were due to leave that the weather finally cleared and I was able to get out and explore a bit more, visiting Rodman Slough and later Anderson Marsh, which I showed you in previous posts. Even though there were times on this trip when I felt like I was jinxed, struggling to get outside and shoot anything at all, in the end I did manage to come home with a decent collection of images. In a later post, I’ll share a few more photos from Anderson Marsh and shots from my drive back home along Highway 16.

“Why me?!”

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