Two days at Timber Cove

Timber Cove Lodge and the tall spire of Bufano Peace Statue visible from Windermere Point on a clear day

Wednesday morning saw a brief lull in the gusty winds along the coast, and I walked from our motel to the cliffs above Timber Cove. Long ago we would climb down to this rocky shore to fish for perch in the surf, but now the Big Guy prefers trying for rock fish in deeper waters. During our stay this week I was pleasantly surprised to have the cliffs all to myself — I had only the slight breeze, the sound of the waves, and the trilling of Song Sparrows to keep me company.

Friday morning, as we packed up to head for home, I made one last visit to the cliffs behind our motel. The fog easily concealed my view of the horizon, but it seemed a perfect way to end our stay and to say farewell to the magnificent Pacific until we can return to the Sonoma coast.

A tidepool fisherman in the fog


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