Memory Monday revisited, Week 2

This post was originally published in June 2018 as Memory Monday, Week 72.


A “windshield shot,” somewhere in Northern California…

My post is running a little late today; Memory Monday turned into Migraine Monday unfortunately! This week I have a few photos from a road trip my parents took to the Oregon coast. I’m not sure what year it was but I’m guessing late 1940s or early 1950s. Notes on the back indicate the two images side by side below are of a bridge “not far north of Redding,” and the photo on the right depicts the east end. “The guard rail doesn’t match very well but you can get the idea anyway (I hope).”


Mount Shasta in the background


Oregon coastline


This version of  James Earle Fraser’s “End of the Trail” was carved from a redwood stump

Next week I’ll start in on some of the many photos my dad shot while he was stationed in Japan during the Korean war. Quite a few of these I’ve been unable to identify — but they’re pretty cool anyway!


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