Memory Monday revisited, Week 3

This is a slightly edited version of a post that was originally published in July 2018 as Memory Monday, Week 73.


My dad — October 4, 1945

CORRECTION: Last Monday I shared photos of a road trip from Northern California to the Oregon coast and said it was a trip my parents took. I later heard from my mom, who let me know [for the second time!] that this was actually a trip she took with her parents (my grandparents) in the summer of 1946, after she graduated from high school. Thanks yet again, Mom!


My dad was stationed in Japan with the 5th Air Force

I wish I had talked more with my father about the time he spent in Japan during the early 1950s; and I really wish I’d known about the existence of these photos! Many of them have no information, but a few have notes scribbled on the back — which I’ll be including as captions whenever possible.


Side of Mt. Fujiyama from Station 8½


Looking up to top of Mt. Fuji from Station 8½


Looking down from Station 8½, Mt. Fujiyama



Station 8½, Mt. Fujiyama. Doug Mathews, Lee Mace, Bob Johnston, Chet Witkowski

Below is an example of some images coming up next week. My dad was a mechanic and his favorite planes were the P-51 Mustangs, so he took a lot of photos of them. I’m not sure what “dragging the field” means; maybe somebody out there can clue me in?

NOTE: Using Google, I’ve since found a few references to the phrase “dragging the field” which lead me to believe it refers to making one or more low passes over the runway to check that the surface is suitable for landing the plane:

Don’t just land without looking; make a pass over the field at traffic pattern height and, if not satisfied, “drag the field” at 200 feet for a closer look, keeping speed well above stall — from


P-51 Mustangs from the 39th Fighter Squadron (Dragging the field)


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